For more than 7 years we have been creating and implementing interiors with a soul.
The main idea that we broadcast is the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our projects carry the uniqueness of the people for whom they were created.
For more than 5 years we have been creating and implementing interiors with a soul.
The main idea that we broadcast is the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Our projects carry the uniqueness of the people for whom they were created.


You can choose a package of services that suits you.
Дизайн интерьера
Package "BASIC"

It includes:
- Departure for measurements
-Dimensional drawing with engineering communications reference
-Variants of planning solutions
- sketch collages
- Plan after redevelopment
- Construction demolition plan to scale
-Furniture layout plan
-Style and color schemes
- Floor plan, layout of materials
- Plan-scheme of warm floors
- Ceiling plan
-Scheme of placement of additional equipment
-Scheme of placement of lighting, distribution of lines along
- Plan of placement of sockets.
- Plans of bathrooms (plumbing equipment bindings,
equipment connection diagrams)

25 USD per sq.mt.
Дизайн интерьера
Package "STANDARD"

it includes:
- Departure for measurements
- Sketchy mood boards with the concept of the future interior for each room,
-3D visualization of all rooms,
- all necessary construction drawings and developments,
- complete set album with a selection of all materials / lighting / plumbing, etc.
- visits to shops for the actual selection,
- coordination of custom products with contractors/manufacturers.

35 USD per sq.mt.

Package "PLANNING"

It includes:
- departure for measurements
- measuring plan
- 3 planning solutions
- assembly/dismantling plan
- measurement plan after reconstruction
- plumbing connection plan

5 USD per sq.mt.

  • Regularly, 1-2 times a week, we visit the construction site.
  • We check the correctness of the work related to the design.
  • We answer all questions of the customer and workers related to his design project.
  • If necessary, we make adjustments to the project - at the request of the client or according to the need that arose during the construction process.
  • We control that all sockets, switches, lamps are installed in the right place according to design.
  • We choose the paint by trying its tone on the wall or pieces of drywall. It is impossible to do this in advance, since you need to see the color "in action": how the light falls on it in the room at different times of the day.
  • We inform the client about the detected shortcomings and offer ways to eliminate them.
  • We inform the client about when it is time to order certain finishing and building materials.
  • We make sure that the materials correspond to those specified in the project documentation.
  • In the absence of the necessary materials, we select their analogues that do not violate the design concept.
  • We make sure that during the repair process all dimensions are observed, the wallpaper pattern, the width of the seams on the tile, the laying pattern, etc. match.

150 USD per month

Студия дизайна интерьера


[MOSS] DESIGN STUDIO — interior design team, we have been working together for more than 5 years. We know all the nuances of design and construction and create a functional space for our clients.
We are professional designers and founders of our own design studio.

We are inspired by what we do, because we meet new interesting people and we are extremely pleased to see customers satisfied with the result.

Our main task is to realize their own fairy tale for people, using our professional skills, our creative potential, our knowledge and experience, to help people live more beautiful, more comfortable, safer.
[moss] design studio

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Stages and terms
Дизайн интерьера MOSS DESIGN STUDIO
1. Planning decision.
At this stage, we are working on several planning options, taking into account the habits and needs of the owners of the house, as well as the configuration and features of the room. As a result, we offer 2-3 layout options with finalization of the final one.

This stage takes 1-2 weeks.

2. Selection of concepts and moodboards.
At this stage, the customer fills out a detailed brief, where you can indicate all the wishes and important elements, and based on the wishes, we make a presentation (moodboards) of the future interior and agree on whether we are moving in the right direction.

This stage takes an average of 1-2 weeks.

3.Visualization of all rooms
Only after you have confirmed that we have understood you correctly - we proceed to the most time-consuming process - the creation of 3D visualizations. At this stage, a clear idea of the future interior is formed. All details are being worked out. everything that will be on the visualization you can buy.
Before starting the visualization of the kitchen, we, together with the manufacturers, agree on all the technical points so that it can be easily implemented

The technical part takes time.

This stage will take 3-4 weeks.

(edits are not included in this period)

3. Working draft (all drawings)
We develop drawings so that builders can implement the project exactly as on visualization.

This stage takes 3-4 weeks.
5. List of finishing materials and furniture.
Includes a list of materials, lighting, plumbing and furniture that you can purchase.

1-2 weeks
How we are working
Technical task
Determination of the stylistic solution of the interior, preparation of references, planning solutions, collages for all premises.
Project visualization
Detailed visualization of each room. 3D images take into account previously selected interior elements and finishing materials.
Working documentation
Creation of working documentation for an interior design project: specifications and planning solution with furniture.
Example Working Paper
Author's supervision
Monitoring the compliance of construction works with the project plan. Our designer and engineer regularly visit the site and control everything. We also purchase materials.
What is included in the author's supervision
Here we share useful information about design and renovation.
what details are important
- Pay attention to the seating depth of the sofa, it should be comfortable, take into account the seat including the pillows.

-If the sofa should be laid out - initially it is better to decide whether it will be on legs or without, but you can immediately say that there are not many folding sofas on high legs.

expectation and reality
It happens that the expectations from the implementation of the project do not go as you imagine it.

This happens when:

-The client and the designer initially did not agree on the budget of the project - they simply "did it beautifully";

check list
If you are doing repairs without a designer, consider the location of all sockets, taking into account the height of furniture, equipment, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner, convenient places for charging gadgets, a Christmas tree garland.

It is important to plan several lighting scenarios; various kinds of lighting look especially impressive in the interior, thereby creating a soft and cozy atmosphere.

check list
-Furniture, which is placed around the perimeter of the room, is smeared along the walls, so to speak.

If space permits, then for example, a sofa or table is best placed in the center, so the object will become the center of attraction for all family members and guests.

Color tone selection

- Do a color test on your own wall. The fact is that the colors and shades in the premises of the store under artificial lighting very often look different than on the walls of your room.

- Since your room may face north and the sun rarely shines in, the color may appear dimmer.
It is important to think ahead
What you need to know about hidden doors or invisible doors, as they are also called:

- the box for such doors is mounted in a specially designated wall niche, and thus the door leaf is in the same plane with the wall;

- hinges for concealed doors also

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