Что необходимо знать о скрытых дверях или дверях-невидимках
It is important to think ahead
What you need to know about flush-mounted doors or invisible doors, as they are also called:

- the box for such doors is mounted in a specially designated wall niche, and thus the door leaf is in the same plane with the wall;

- hinges for concealed doors are also hidden;

- flush-mounted doors can only be used between rooms; they are not intended for outdoor use.

As you can see, the choice of flush-mounted doors must be approached with particular care, since their characteristics are special.

Flush-mounted doors can be either wide or narrow, standard height or under 3 meters. You can choose a door leaf for painting, creating the necessary shade for a particular interior - monochrome or with contrasting solutions.

- compactness. The lightness and airiness of the interior is achieved due to the absence of additional elements in the form of platbands. This is what allows flush-mounted doors to be installed in rooms with a limited area.

- harmony. Thanks to a wide range of decors, concealed doors can harmoniously complement the overall interior design.

Also, it is impossible not to mention the reverse characteristics of flush-mounted doors.

For flush-mounted doors, the flush-mounted plinth is perfect.

Due to the design features, the installation of flush-mounted doors must be carried out at the initial stage of repair, even before external finishing. That is why they require careful planning in advance.
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