Author's supervision

What is architectural supervision
There is project documentation, on the basis of which builders must carry out a number of works. The result should be an interior "as in the picture" - the very ideal interior created by the flight of the designer's creative thought.

Builders can misread blueprints, lay tiles the wrong way, paint walls a different shade, install a socket in the wrong place. Minor deviations from the project accumulate like a snowball and lead to disaster - the interior looks completely different from the visualization, the customer is dissatisfied

To prevent this from happening, architectural supervision is needed, when the designer controls the work process in order to prevent deviations from the project.

Here's what a designer does during design supervision:
  • Regularly, 1-2 times a week, visits the construction site.
  • Checks the correctness of the execution of work related to the design.
  • Answers all questions of the customer and workers related to his design project.
  • If necessary, he makes adjustments to the project - at the request of the client or according to the need that arose during the repair process.
  • Controls that all sockets, switches, lights are installed in the right place.
  • Selects a paint by testing its tone on a wall or pieces of drywall. It is impossible to do this in advance, since you need to see the color "in action": how the light falls on it in the room at different times of the day.
  • Informs the client about the detected shortcomings and suggests ways to eliminate them.
  • Informs the client when it is time to order certain finishing and building materials.
  • Ensures that the materials correspond to those specified in the project documentation.
  • In the absence of the necessary materials, he selects their analogues that do not violate the design concept.
  • It makes sure that all dimensions are observed during the repair process, the wallpaper pattern, the width of the joints on the tile, the laying pattern, etc. match.
What is NOT included in author's supervision
Equipment. Selection, purchase of building materials, as well as decor items and furniture is a separate service. The complete set may be included in the author's supervision, but then it fits into the contract and is paid additionally.

Technical Supervision.
Whether the builders perform their work qualitatively, whether they comply with technical standards - all this is not within the competence of the author of the project. He is not responsible for this, but he can inform the customer about the hack, and he can hire a technical supervision specialist.

Transfer of money. If the client asks the designer to take money to the store, pay for an order that has arrived, or transfer the salary to the foreman, since he will still be at the construction site, he has the right to refuse.

Reception of goods. Have you brought materials, and the designer is asked to accept them and sign for the delivery? Author's supervision does not include this.

Responsibility for contractors. If the contractors did not fulfill their obligations, missed the deadlines, spoiled the materials or disappeared altogether, the designer is not responsible for this.

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