-Furniture, which is placed around the perimeter of the room, is smeared along the walls, so to speak.
If space permits, then for example, a sofa or table is best placed in the center, so the object will become the center of attraction for all family members and guests.

- Not thought out in advance the direction of opening the doors.
All doors in the house, this applies not only to interior doors, but also to cabinet doors, drawers should not cling to anything.

- Design a kitchen according to the principle of "working triangle"
Modern kitchens are equipped with much more appliances: dishwashers, grills, multicookers, bread makers, etc. - therefore it is better to think over the "working polygon"
(this rule applies more to large apartments or houses, if you have a small apartment with a small kitchen, then we return to the rules for the "working triangle")

- Dishwasher is located where you like
It is more correct to place the dishwasher next to the sink, so that it is convenient to load dishes from the sink into it without tripping over the dishwasherdoor. And most importantly, there should not be any communications behind the dishwasher for its connection, including sockets. All communications are located in an adjacent locker.

- In the bedroom, consider only the dimensions of the bed. In fact, you also need to take into account the dimensions of the bed base, as well as bedside tables (which must be selected according to a given size, because the wiring of sockets, switches and lamps will depend on their size!), Well, passages to the sleeping place, also needs to be taken into account.

- The bedroom, dressing room and bathroom are scattered in different corners of the apartment.
The best solution is the so-called "sleeping block", when the master bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom, but unfortunately it is not always possible to organize such a space, in this case, it is necessary to plan that the wardrobe and bathroom are as close as possible to the bedroom or sleeping area.

- Places for storing household items are not thought out in advance. A closet, pantry, or separate utility room where mops, buckets, a vacuum cleaner, etc. will be stored, and sometimes a freezer, washer / dryer, must be thought out in advance.

- The ends of cabinets or kitchen furniture sticking out in plain sight. In our projects, we provide partitions so that the furniture is integrated into the wall, if necessary, we also build on boxes made of plasterboard to correct the height of the furniture, so the furniture does not load the space, but vice versa.
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